Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dream Interpretation – Dreams of Flying

Dreams of flying may well be the most common of all dreams. Dreams of flying often fall into that special category of dreams in which the dreamer realizes he or she is dreaming. These dreams, called lucid dreams, are some of the most fascinating to both dreamers and dream researchers alike.

Dreams of flying are often described as joyful, fun and exhilarating, and flying dreams are often among the most pleasant dream experiences.

Dreams where you are flying easily, soaring over the landscape and enjoying the serenity often mean that you feel on top of the situation and in control of your life. Flying dreams of this nature are often a nighttime manifestation of the feeling of rising above it all and being in control. Often dreamers are able to control where they fly in their dreams. Being able to control where you fly, how fast you fly and how high or low you fly is often a representation of a strong sense of personal power.

The flip side of that happy scenario are dreams in which the dreamer has difficulty remaining in the air, or dreams where you are unable to fly and begin to fall to earth. These types of flying dreams can represent a lack of power, and an inability to control your personal circumstances. Often people going through situations where they feel powerless will experience these negative kinds of flying dreams.

Obstacles like power lines, mountains and trees in a flying dream can be dream state manifestations of actual barriers in your waking life. For instance, if you feel that roadblocks are constantly going up in your life, you may see these roadblocks manifested as trees, mountains, power lines or other hazards in your flying dream.

Identifying the barriers in your life, and overcoming them, can remove these barriers from your dream state as well as your waking life.

Often the dreamer will experience fear while flying, or be afraid that he or she is flying too high. These types of dreams are often representations of fear of challenge, or fear that you cannot succeed.

Dreams of flying are some of the most interesting types of dreams for dream researchers and psychologists. Unlike dreams of being naked, dreams or running, dreams of falling and other common dreams, flying dreams represent an ability that humans do not have in their waking lives. Anytime someone dreams of doing something they do not have the ability to do, it is of interest to dream researchers.

Dreams of flying can represent yearning, or striving to be better.

They can also be manifestations of feelings of power, or in some cases feelings of lack of power. The ability of the dreamer to take control of the flight in his or her dream can be an exhilarating experience, and provide the dreamer with a feeling of power than can last into his or her waking life.

No matter what the dream of flying represents, it remains one of the most fertile fields in the world of dream interpretation.

There are many reasons to dream of flying, and many ways such a dream can play itself out. Chances are that dreams of flying have been around as long as humans have been dreaming, and that they will continue to be around for millennia to come.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dream Interpretation – Dreams of Teeth

Dreams about teeth, particularly dreams where the dreamer finds his or her teeth falling out, are much more common than you might think.

Some common forms of this dream include dreams in which the dreamer’s teeth crumble in his or her hands, or dreams in which the teeth fall out with just a light touch.

These dreams can be extremely frightening, even more so than chase dreams or falling dreams. In addition, such dreams often leave the dreamer with an image that is hard to shake even after waking.

There are many theories about just what teeth, and losing teeth, represent in the dream world, and these can be some of the most difficult dreams to interpret. One theory holds that dreams about teeth, and losing teeth, are a reflection of the dreamer’s anxiety about his or her appearance, and about how the dreamer thinks others perceive him or her.

This interpretation is certainly valid, especially since we live in a society that seems to value physical beauty above all else. Since a good set of teeth play an important role in physical beauty, it is easy to see how uncertainties about one’s appearance could manifest themselves in dreams about losing teeth.

Since teeth play such an important role in physical attraction scenarios, such as flirting and getting the attention of the opposite sex, dreams of losing teeth can be manifestations of fears of getting old, fears of sexual impotence or other dating related anxieties.

Other interpretations of dreams of losing teeth hold that they are representations of fear of embarrassment or making a fool of oneself. For instance, someone who is dreading a potentially embarrassing situation, such as making a speech or other public speaking engagement, may dream of his or her teeth falling out.

This type of dream would represent an exaggeration of already present fears or anxieties brought on by the upcoming event. People who are troubled by dreams of losing teeth or teeth falling out should examine their own lives for the source of possible embarrassment or appearance based anxieties.

Another theory holds that teeth in dreams represent power, since they are used in real life to tear, chew, and bite. Therefore, the loss of teeth in a dream represents a perceived loss of power or influence. People who feel frustrated, or who feel that their voices are not being heard, may have dreams about losing teeth. Feeling ineffective, or feelings of inferiority, are often associated with such dreams as well.

Finally, some of the latest dream research has revealed that women have more frequent dreams about teeth as they enter menopause. These dreams about teeth may be related to anxieties about appearance and fears of getting older.

There are of course other interpretations of dreams of missing or losing teeth. There are interpretations of this dream in a number of cultures around the world, further testament to the fact that teeth are a common dream theme in many cultures.

One biblical interpretation of the dream of losing teeth holds that the bad teeth mean the dreamer is placing his or her faith in the works of man rather than in the word of God. Thus the falling teeth in the dream are urging the dreamer to turn back to God for guidance.

The ancient Greeks believed that dreams about loose, rotting or missing teeth were warnings that a close friend or family member was very ill or near death.

The Chinese hold that teeth falling out is a punishment for lying, and that dreams of falling teeth are manifestations of guilt over telling lies.

Some have even suggested that dreams of missing teeth are associated with money. This connection probably goes back to the old tooth fairy story, where children are rewarded with money for putting their lost teeth under their pillows.