Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Subliminal Messages and Business Success

Subliminal messages in advertising convince and influence consumers to patronize products. You do not need a college degree in Psychology in order to create the best subliminal message for your market. All you need is to know your market well, learn what makes your product extremely attractive to them, and convince people that they need your product.

Here are ways to pass on a subliminal message to other people:

Be Intuitive.
Intuition or instinct is underrated nowadays because of the overwhelming power of sense and logic.

Your intuition will allow you to read between the lines and clearly hear messages for the subconscious. Your intuition will tell you many things about your target market and these things are neither visible nor obvious.

Use Convincing Techniques Repeatedly.
Do you notice most people have the habit of saying “I see” and “I understand”? Since they are fond of saying those phrases, you can use the same words too and make them subconsciously believe you.

When you begin your sales pitch with phrases like “You see” and “You understand”, their minds will subconsciously take your words as the truth and they will easily see and understand your point.

Be Casual.
Remember that you send subliminal messages in a subtle and unobtrusive ways. Receivers of these messages feel rather than hear them. As such, you have to adopt a casual attitude when delivering these messages. Once you make the mistake of revealing what you intend to do, your customers will be immediately on guard and have their defenses up.

Be Confident.
Sending subliminal messages to your customers will not work if you are not confident about what you are doing. You need to be convinced of what you wish them to believe or they would not even take you seriously. How you stand, move, speak, even how you look at them in the eye all help in making you a convincing and confident speaker.

Never Be Negative.
There will be instances when you will meet customers who are initially reluctant to trust you. There will some who are simply uninterested with what you are offering. In sending subliminal messages, you must make sure that you do not meet negativity with negativity as well.

Instead of being negative, try another tack or argument until you find one that works. Just keep nodding and listening whenever the customer voices out their arguments, but make sure that you continue with your line of argument every time the other person stops speaking. Sooner or later, you’ll find something that works.

There are various types of subliminal messages and their corresponding techniques:

Subliminal Images – Pictures speak a thousand words and you can use some that work definitely in your favor.

Subliminal Tapes – These tapes will play certain phrases repeatedly and if you play them while you sleep, you will implant the message in your mind.

Subliminal Software – Your mind will unconsciously digest the message being delivered by a sequence of images that are flashed one after another in considerable speed.

Of course, every time you deliver a subliminal message to benefit your business, make sure that you do not violate any ethical principles. Genuine and mutual satisfaction for you and your customers (and not simply profit!) should be your sole motivation.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Five Ways to Make Him Stop Cheating On You!

Five Ways to Make Him Stop Cheating On You - By serious definition, an affair is a scenario where two people are in an improper romantic relationship. In the case of married individuals, an affair equates to marital infidelity.

By colloquial definition, it means ‘cheating’. Here is a piece of bad news: Statistics show that a person who was cheated on before is more likely to experience it again in the next relationship.

One viewpoint states that a person’s personality contributes to the number of times she will experience such unfortunate incident. There are actually three factors (make sure to take note of them so you can be aware!):

1. Emotional mismatch — you may have high regard for loyalty but your partner does not take it seriously. You may be the type who is willing to settle down and have kids and grandchildren in the future but Bob might be one who chooses to play around until who knows when!

2. Failure in prioritizing the relationship — when one or both partners fail to put the relationship above all other commitments, then it is sure to fail.

3. The Pointing Finger Syndrome — this is when the partner that was fooled fails to recognize her mistakes which could have led to the partner’s cheating. However, in cases where the cheating partner is actually a professional con artist, then you might as well point all your ten fingers at him!

Knowing the factors or reasons why men (or even women) cheat is just one side of the issue. Cheat proofing the relationship is another. Here are surefire ways to finally get and keep your partner:

1. Improve the communication lines in your relationship. Be able to communicate what you want and don’t want. Talking with your loved one requires listening not just talking. Be ready to listen and not just ‘hear’ what your partner has to say. Always remember the major rule in relationships: Never nag.

2. Be honest in all aspects of your relationship. It might be difficult at first to speak the truth because it might hurt your better half. Being open in all matters that affect your relationship should be a top priority. Remember, trust begets trust.

3. Believe in what’s good in your partner. Be lavish in giving out praises. A man would definitely stick with a woman who sees the best in him. Even simple praises like ‘that shirt looks good on you’ or ‘you have a nice voice’ could do miracles in your relationship.

4. Be your best all of the time. For the woman, dress up for your man and look good for yourself and for him. Do not wear make-up for the occasion, wear it for him and let him feel that. This feeling of importance would boost his confidence and improve your relationship. A man would always want to go out with a woman who is sure of her self and even flaunts it! Why would he go out to look for other ‘less worthy’ women out there?

5. Make every moment with him an extraordinary moment. Make him want to stay with you by being a good ‘buddy’ one time, and a great lover the next. Do not limit your activities to going out on dinners or watching movies. A memorable event could be a simple moment by the porch while sipping hot chocolate together or a surprise massage in bed! The sky’s the limit!

If you put all your energy in building your relationship and your partner feels it, the relationship would prosper, that’s a fact.

If after all your efforts, he would still go out and visit other nests, just let him be. He just doesn’t know how to keep up with a relationship that is built in trust. If that’s the case, he’s not worth it!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

5 Ways to Improve Your Hearing

Do you want to improve hearing? I want to improve my hearing.

Once lost, hearing CANNOT be restored with medicines. In such case, you will need hearing aids to compensate for your lack of hearing. To date, none of the so-called all-natural miracle drugs has been proven to work.

This article will talk about the things you can do to improve your hearing NOW, while it's still fully functional. Here are five assorted tips and drills you can do to make sure you maintain your hearing ability:

1) Maintenance is important
Avoid loud noises, as these can damage your eardrums. Listening to loud music or with plug-in headphones, as opposed to the foam or rubber types that just nestle on your ears, is a quick way to lose hearing. Being subjected to incredibly loud, shrill, and irritating noises every day, like gunfire at the shooting range, power tools in your neighborhood, or the vocal assaults of an expressive mother-in-law, are all detrimental to your hearing. Avoid them at all cost.

2) Regular EENT checkups
Make sure to add visiting an EENT (eyes, ears, nose, throat) doctor to your list of bi-annual checkups alongside your usual ones, like visits to the dentist and general medical checkups. This helps maintain all your senses, not just hearing. EENTs can give you preventive medications to treat any mild problems you may have with hearing before these worsen.

3) Vitamins and medication
The following four vitamins and medications have been tested and proven to help in the maintenance of hearing. These haven't been noted to significantly enhance a person's hearing acuity, but they have been known to prevent the deterioration of hearing ability. These four vitamins, with corresponding dosages, are the following: Acetyl-carnitine (150mg a day), alpa-lipoic acid (150 mg a day), glutathione (50 mg a day), and coenzyme Q10 (60 mg a day).

4) Sound source location exercise
Here is the first drill for sharpening your hearing. This helps your ear's directional sense and requires a partner. Buy some small noisemaker like a horn or even a small radio speaker. Go to a large room with very little acoustic bounce off and furniture. If you can do this in an open-air environment so much the better, but you'll look a bit funny to any passerby so you might want to find a private spot.

Now, the drill is simple. Just have your partner sound off small two or three-second bursts around you, starting at a regular distance. Just point where the noise came from. Limit your choices initially to the eight compass points (including northeast etc). Later on, vary the drill by having you partner alter the distance at which he sounds off. You should not only name directions, but the approximate distance away from where the noise was made.

5) Noise filtering exercise
This is a drill for filtering sound. It's simple as well. Tune in to a station that plays a moderately fast music. It should not be too loud. Then, talk to a friend. Do NOT raise your voice and carry on a conversation without leaning to hear better. Then after a few minutes, add a second radio playing a different music. Then later throw in a third... you get the picture. This helps you filter out any extraneous noise and improves your ear's ability to pick out only the sounds you want to hear.

Try these tips and reap the benefits of improving your hearing NOW, while it's still fully functional.