Friday, May 18, 2007

The Beauty with Diving in Rangiroa

The Beauty with Diving in Rangiroa - From the sky, a string of pearls laid out on the sea best describes the physical features of Rangiroa. With the world’s second largest atoll, the island is a known diver’s choice when it comes to dive sites. With its name meaning “huge sky”, the island gets its name from the great length formed by the 240 islets that encircle its most beautiful lagoon. Diving in Rangiroa is truly a wonderful experience, as two bodies of water, the Moana-uri, which means wild ocean, and the Moana-tea, which means peaceful ocean, surround the island.

The main villages of Tiputa and Avatoru cater to island visitors’ needs. Land based excursions include tours featuring coral churches, as well as features a unique look at the island’s lifestyle pace, giving visitors an up close view of what life is like in a tropical paradise.

Of course, a guest’s visit wouldn’t be complete without diving in Rangiroa. With various travel agencies specializing in Dive Travel, tourists have had the luxury of experiencing the beauties beneath the island’s waters, for years. Caradonna Dive Adventures, Dive Tahiti Blue, e-Tahiti Diving, the PADI Travel Network, Trip-n-Tour and World of Adventure Vacations are among the Dive Travel Specialists which have dive excursion packages for diving in Rangiroa. Dive Centers like the Blue Dolphins Diving Center, Raie Manta Club, Rangiroa Paradive, The Six Passengers and Topdive can be found in the island, for diving lessons and diving gear rentals.

Diving in Rangiroa has been known to illicit “the world’s greatest adrenaline rush” when it comes to diving. Divers and snorkelers experience the rush of swimming with breathtaking species of marine wildlife, as well as dramatic landscapes below the waters of the island. With the world’s second largest lagoon in the world, diving in Rangiroa is highly prized because of the pass dives in the island’s dive sites, as well as the density of marine life thriving in the island’s waters.

Below are among the islands more popular dive sites, making them a “must do” when it comes to diving in Rangiroa.

Avatoru Pass

This particular pass dive goes down 50-70 feet, and features encounters with schools of tropical fishes.

Tiputa Pass (Sharks Cave, The Valley, Hammerhead Plateau)

Another popular pass dive, this dive site goes down 40-150 underwater, and is famous for the density of sharks divers get to encounter.

The Aquarium

Popular among beginners, the Aquarium dive site of Rangiroa goes down a depth of 10-30 feet underwater.

If adventure is what you’re after, diving in Rangiroa would definitely quench your thirst.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brooks MoGo Ariel Womens Running Shoes

The purpose of the Brooks MoGo Ariel – Womens Running Shoes is to provide motion control for women who run for fun, exercise or competitively.

Pros: The description of the Brooks MoGo Ariel – Womens Running Shoes says, “The Ariel has long served as a motion control superhero, coming to the rescue of runners with low or flat arches and excessive pronation. Now, a new full-length MoGo midsole extends the shoe's list of superpowers, with super soft, long-lasting cushioning offering increased energy return for some extra spring in your step, all with no sacrifice in stability. Built with the industry’s most advanced technologies, the Ariel delivers maximum support and smooth, crave-worthy cushioning that feels as good on mile one as mile 100--and beyond.”

The Brooks MoGo Ariel – Womens Running Shoes not only provides excellent motion control but it also is a very comfortable running shoe and it provides excellent support for those long runs that other running shoes simply cannot compete with.

Cons: The new design just doesn't deliver the same feel as previous models. They are comfortable but something is missing. I was a little disappointed with them. Still they are excellent running shoes and I do recommend them to my friends.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the website states in part, “If you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may return the merchandise in it's original condition with packaging to Paragon Sports via an insured, trackable shipping service or you may return the merchandise to our retail store within 30 days from the receipt of your order.”

Value for money: The Brooks MoGo Ariel – Womens Running Shoes are an excellent motion control running shoe.

Price: $109.99

Consumer: Sports Enthusiasts

Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers

The purpose of the Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers is to inform and instruct Betta Fish owners.

Pros: Betta fish are mesmerizing! I could watch one for hours on end but it seems that there are often problems with Betta Fish. The Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers answers so many questions and gives so much information about the care of Betta fist that is a must-have addition to the library of every Betta fish lover.

After reading the Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers ebook and putting the information into action you will find yourself with Betta fist that are healthy and alert! You will know how to provide the care that every good Betta parent needs to provide and that care is not prohibitively expensive!

In addition to the Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers ebook, there are two other great bonuses offered. One is A Special Guide to Breeding Your Bettas valued at $19 and the other is The Betta Bucks Guide valued at $39.00.

Cons: The guide does not point out that the Betta Fish purchased at pet stores are of a lesser quality than Betta Fist purchased from breeders.
Guarantee: There is a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. According the website; “If at any time in the next 8 weeks -- even on day 60 -- you decide you want your money back, I'll give it to you. Right away. On the spot. With no hard feelings. “
Value for money: Caring For Betta Fish: An Insider's Guide For Betta Lovers is a very good value and with the added bonuses, it becomes and excellent value.

Price: $17.09

Consumer: Betta Fish Enthusiasts

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Something to Watch for in Fossil Watches

During the early months of the 1990s, Fossil, a brand founded in 1984 selling men’s and women’s apparel (as well as accessories), focused on selling watches. The act led to a new avenue for Fossil, an area of “specialization” for the company to soon become known for: Fossil Watches.

Since then Fossil watches have become a household name, taking its place among other well known watch brands. Catering to a wide and varied market, Fossil Watches litter production lines to suit various lifestyles. Sport watches, fashion watches, and formal wear watches. For every occasion, Fossil watches fit in perfectly.

Various “watch technologies” also fuel the success of Fossil watches. Automatic quartz watches running on power generated from body movement or watches simply run by batteries, the technological innovation behind Fossil watches runs congruent with the status quo people look for in a fine timepiece these days. Truly at par with other watch brands.

A keen eye with the direction of fashion has also made Fossil watches what it is now. Avant-garde with their approach when it comes to designing their watches, Fossil watches are not simply items that tell the time. “Customizable” is the niftiest thing when it comes to Fossil Watches. A predefined “template for design” could be modified to suit a customer’s visual wants. Your Fossil watch could be littered with a funky tribal design, or a more serious Mondrian inspired line scheme. The choice is entirely yours. An avenue for expression.

Of the brand’s more popular watch type, The FS4171, an automatic timepiece (meaning it operates using power generated from one’s own movement), is worth mentioning. Its often described as “more refined” brother, The FS4231 also stands equal with the FS4171.

The FS4171 simply appears to be a regular steel watch, only it comes with a “see the technology running behind it” aspect. One could literally see the rotor (the bit that aids in operating the mini power generator) behind the watch’s face, and visibly see it moving as one is moving one’s arm.

The FS4231 appears no different, except that it has a leather strap, different from the FS4171. The rotor’s color compliments whatever color the strap has, giving its design a sense of color scheme consistency.

In these fast changing times, Fossil watches easily take their role as a household name. Be you into sports, or x-games, there’s a Fossil watch for you. Be you a top executive, or up and coming employee, a Fossil watch goes beyond saying just how serious, yet flexible, you are.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

PetMate Dogloo Dog House from

PetMate Dogloo Dog House from - Consumer: Pet Owners

The purpose of the DogMate Dogloo Dog House is to provide protection from the elements for loved dogs both large and small that live outdoors year round.

Pros: The DogMate Dogloo Dog House is shaped like an igloo which makes it less likely to be overturned by high winds. There is a ventilation vent on the top which is adjustable. This will allow the dog owner to ventilate the Dogloo during summer months to help cool their dogs but close in during winter months to keep the dog warmer.

The Dogloo has trim around the door that helps to keep rain out. The Dogloo is constructed of structural foam. A food and water dish with a bracket to attach it to the Dogloo is included and the entrance has a raised threshold that helps keep leaves and other debris from blowing into the Dogloo.

Dog owners who have purchased this product are very satisfied with it and are especially pleased with the cost.

Cons: There simply are no cons for this product.

Guarantee: has a 365 day guarantee on all products purchased. Within a year if a buyer is not satisfied, any product can be returned with no questions asked for a full refund. If a buyer finds an identical product on another website at a lower price within 10 days of the purchase, will refund the total price plus 10%.

Value for money: The Dogmate Dogloo is an excellent value. Other dog houses sell for many times the price of this product and provide much less protection from the elements for the dog.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The "Desperate Housewives Apple Mug"

The purpose of the Desperate Housewives Apple Mug is to show the world what a Desperate Housewives fan you really are, to give as a gift to another Desperate Housewives fan or to purchase as an investment.

Pros: The Desperate Housewives Apple Mug is bright red in color and shaped like an apple. There is a green leaf design as part of the handle and the words "Desperate Housewives" is emblazoned diagonally across the front of the mug. The interior is a beautifully contrasting white.

A young married woman will love showing her friends and neighbors what a big fan of the Desperate Housewives show she really is.

Cons: There are no particular cons for the Desperate Housewives Apple Mug except that it is known to contain lead and/or cadmium (so it should be used primarily for decorative purposes). It is a product that will be greatly appreciated by fans of the Desperate Housewives TV show.

Guarantee: All products sold on the The ABC TV SeenON!(tm) website are guaranteed to be satisfactory. There is a full money back or exchange policy.

Value for money: The low price of only $11.99 makes this an excellent value. The TV show, Desperate Housewives, is a big hit and the memorabilia from this show will be collector's items in a few years.