Wednesday, May 09, 2007

PetMate Dogloo Dog House from

PetMate Dogloo Dog House from - Consumer: Pet Owners

The purpose of the DogMate Dogloo Dog House is to provide protection from the elements for loved dogs both large and small that live outdoors year round.

Pros: The DogMate Dogloo Dog House is shaped like an igloo which makes it less likely to be overturned by high winds. There is a ventilation vent on the top which is adjustable. This will allow the dog owner to ventilate the Dogloo during summer months to help cool their dogs but close in during winter months to keep the dog warmer.

The Dogloo has trim around the door that helps to keep rain out. The Dogloo is constructed of structural foam. A food and water dish with a bracket to attach it to the Dogloo is included and the entrance has a raised threshold that helps keep leaves and other debris from blowing into the Dogloo.

Dog owners who have purchased this product are very satisfied with it and are especially pleased with the cost.

Cons: There simply are no cons for this product.

Guarantee: has a 365 day guarantee on all products purchased. Within a year if a buyer is not satisfied, any product can be returned with no questions asked for a full refund. If a buyer finds an identical product on another website at a lower price within 10 days of the purchase, will refund the total price plus 10%.

Value for money: The Dogmate Dogloo is an excellent value. Other dog houses sell for many times the price of this product and provide much less protection from the elements for the dog.

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