Saturday, May 12, 2007

Something to Watch for in Fossil Watches

During the early months of the 1990s, Fossil, a brand founded in 1984 selling men’s and women’s apparel (as well as accessories), focused on selling watches. The act led to a new avenue for Fossil, an area of “specialization” for the company to soon become known for: Fossil Watches.

Since then Fossil watches have become a household name, taking its place among other well known watch brands. Catering to a wide and varied market, Fossil Watches litter production lines to suit various lifestyles. Sport watches, fashion watches, and formal wear watches. For every occasion, Fossil watches fit in perfectly.

Various “watch technologies” also fuel the success of Fossil watches. Automatic quartz watches running on power generated from body movement or watches simply run by batteries, the technological innovation behind Fossil watches runs congruent with the status quo people look for in a fine timepiece these days. Truly at par with other watch brands.

A keen eye with the direction of fashion has also made Fossil watches what it is now. Avant-garde with their approach when it comes to designing their watches, Fossil watches are not simply items that tell the time. “Customizable” is the niftiest thing when it comes to Fossil Watches. A predefined “template for design” could be modified to suit a customer’s visual wants. Your Fossil watch could be littered with a funky tribal design, or a more serious Mondrian inspired line scheme. The choice is entirely yours. An avenue for expression.

Of the brand’s more popular watch type, The FS4171, an automatic timepiece (meaning it operates using power generated from one’s own movement), is worth mentioning. Its often described as “more refined” brother, The FS4231 also stands equal with the FS4171.

The FS4171 simply appears to be a regular steel watch, only it comes with a “see the technology running behind it” aspect. One could literally see the rotor (the bit that aids in operating the mini power generator) behind the watch’s face, and visibly see it moving as one is moving one’s arm.

The FS4231 appears no different, except that it has a leather strap, different from the FS4171. The rotor’s color compliments whatever color the strap has, giving its design a sense of color scheme consistency.

In these fast changing times, Fossil watches easily take their role as a household name. Be you into sports, or x-games, there’s a Fossil watch for you. Be you a top executive, or up and coming employee, a Fossil watch goes beyond saying just how serious, yet flexible, you are.

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