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Everyone knows how ridiculous it feels to be half way through singing a song, only to realize that they don t in fact know all the words. Sometimes, there may be an element of curiosity involved in needing to know a lyric to a particular song. You know the artist is singing something interesting, but it s difficult to tell what it is by listening to the record.

Whatever the reason, the number of sites on the web which allow users to search for contemporary and traditional song lyrics is absolutely vast. Some are set up by computer students, or music fans, who transcribe most of the lyrics themselves. Some of these sites tend to be quite limited, and a little unreliable. Other larger sites are supported by advertising, which in some cases can be excessive, and very annoying. More information may be found at is a huge online community site, which has accurate lyric sheets to a huge list of songs, and much more. The site is supported by advertising, but not in excessive or distracting amounts; users don t have to suffer pop-up ads in their face every two seconds.

The individuals are doubtful about the efficacy of this artistically written report as well.

It was an advantage for those persons who were looking for music. But few of them didn't help.

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The key feature of is that it is an information sharing community. Users share lyric sheets they have transcribed, information and gossip on artists, and all kinds of other music related information. There are moderated chatrooms, forums, and a user poll on a music issue every day.

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The various write-ups onmusic , may of great use for you. Don't halt in the middle as many more stuff are yet to come. has a comprehensive list of song lyric sheets, emphasizing current chart hits. The list is very easy to search, according to song title, artist or album. There are links to selected partner websites, including lyric sites and other music sites.

By signing up as a member, users can gain access to a range of extra features, such as a personal page where members can bookmark favorite forum topics and keep favorite song lyrics. Membership is free.

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