Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Barbados Diving

Barbados Diving - A vacation at the famous paradise island of Barbados can sound too good to be true. You will probably be agog with anticipation and thrill of personally partaking the natural beauty of the much talked about land, where people frolic all day on the pristine beaches and have explore the unfettered natural beauty of the island.

However, one highly recommended activity is in Barbados is diving, where you are sure to experience a memorable close encounter with the entrancing beauty of the sea. There are a number of highly competent Barbados diving operators with well trained staff and along with some professional and experienced divers that will guide you to a whole new underwater adventure. Here are a list of the Barbados diving operators that are all to eager to provide you with the best underwater experience of a lifetime:

Barbados Blue – offers to take you to some famous wrecks, the endangered habitats of turtles, and a chance to hand feed fishes in all shapes and colors - all with the trained assistance of some PADI certified instructors.

Bubble Adventure Dive Center - offers highly personalized services to all its customers having adapted remarkable safety practices that will make your Barbados diving experience a cherished adventure. They also have some great diving packages for children ages 8 and above.

West Side Scuba Center- they have a fully trained staff and some of the greatest reef and wreck diving in the Caribbean. The also offer some great services such as night dives and snorkeling, video coverage of your dives, and transportation from and to your hotel.

Your Barbados diving experience will definitely prove to be an experience of a lifetime with its barrier reefs that are conveniently located ½ - 2 miles from the coastal area. Literally soak in the beauty and wonders of the myriad colors of the marine life, coral formations, sponges and a plethora of interesting activities underwater. The Carlisle Bay reportedly has 200 wrecks and the Stavronikita are among the most popular dive spots. What is more important is the fact that you can actually do your diving all year round, with a consistent water temperature of 80 degrees F.

Barbados diving experience will definitely be on of the most cherished grand vacation adventure ever. So if you are planning to visit the island soon, don’t just content yourself with merely admiring the crystal blue waters, go ahead and dive it and be transported to the whole new underwater paradise.

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