Thursday, June 07, 2007

"Final Smoke" from

"Final Smoke" from
Consumer: Smokers who wish to quit.

The purpose of Final Smoke is to assist those who wish to quit smoking to do so.

Pros: The basic Final Smoke package includes the Final Smoke Formula, an audio CD as well as a cassette tape, the Triple Trim Weight Loss formula, the Lung Cleanser formula, an instruction manual and a handy pill container. In more expensive packages, other products are included.

According to the Final Smoke website, the Final Smoke formula works as follows: “The very backbone of the Final Smoke System is a powerful formula that safely mimics the properties of nicotine, effectively fooling the body into thinking it's getting more nicotine - while all the nicotine is actually being flushed out of your system. If you try to smoke while on the program, you will experience Final Smoke's safe but noticeable "warning signals. Cigarettes will taste terrible, and you may find yourself feeling sick to your stomach if you try to cheat while on the system.  This will keep you right on track until your physical addiction is completely gone.”

Cons: There are no apparent cons associated with the Final Smoke program as far as I can tell. The system appears to address every aspect of smoking cessation.

Guarantee: There is a 30-day guarantee of satisfaction. If a customer is dissatisfied with the product, he may return the unused portion within 30 days and keep the free gifts that were included.

Value for money: The Final Smoke package appears to be a good value for those who are trying to quit smoking.

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