Friday, November 16, 2007

Flying Clubs: Serve as Flight Schools

Becoming a pilot is quite expensive, considering that before one becomes a pilot, one has to get into flying school, which more often than not, are quite costly. But there stands a not so expensive “alternative” to ultra expensive flight schools, in the form of flying clubs, which often offer the services of flight schools.

Flying clubs are basically organizations which are formed by those with a passion for aeronautics. Oftentimes, flying clubs are also referred to as aero clubs, and basically have access to the use of aircrafts, either by renting them, with some flying clubs actually owning one or a fleet of airplanes, for the use of a flying club’s member or members.

The services of most flying clubs include those similarly offered by flight schools, in the sense that as flight schools, flying clubs offer flight training for members, as well as other topics which are covered by most flight schools, which include lessons in how to come up with a flight plan, as well as the values of pilot supplies, and the dynamics of how airports operate. In a sense, learning how to fly, seeing flying clubs as flight schools isn’t exactly a bad idea, as one basically learns the same basic things one could from flight schools.

Generally, there are two classes of flying clubs, with both typically standing as flight school proxies. There is the Equity Flying Club and the Non-Equity Flying Club.

Equity Flying Club

Equity Flying Clubs are flying clubs which require their roster of members to “buy into” the club, with each member actually owning a share of whatever assets an Equity Flying Club would have, which in most cases would be actual aircrafts which the club utilizes for the club’s many activities.

Members of Equity Flying Clubs also have “monthly due” responsibilities, which are funds used to cover for the maintenance of an Equity Flying Club’s airplane. From insurance fees, to hangar rental fees, to annual aircraft checkups, the funds gathered from the monthly financial obligations of Equity Flying Club members are utilized for maintenance, as well as club activities.

Non-Equity Flying Club

Non-equity flying clubs differ from Equity Flying clubs, in the sense that they are organizations which don’t actually own aircrafts titled to the club’s name. They generally have cheaper monthly fees, as a non-equity flying club doesn’t have an aircraft to maintain.

As proxies to flight schools, flying clubs stand strong, and are known to feature that sincere teacher many students love to have.

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